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email English
•Formal or informal?
•Missing words and abbreviations
•Key phrases 4. Opening and closing
•Giving news 6. Information, action, help
•Internal messages
• Attachments
•Arranging a meeting
•Invitations and directions
•Negotiating a project
•Checking understanding
•Verb forms
•Sentence structure
•Common mistakes
•Punctuation and spelling
•A customer-supplier sequence
•Inquiries and orders
•Discussing and agreeing terms
•Asking for payment
•Describing business trends
•Cause, effect, contrast
•Report structure and key phrases
•Linking words and relative clauses
•Being direct and brief
•Being indirect and polite
•Being friendly
•Advice and suggestions
•Job application

Email English is a course for students of general or Business English who need to write effective and convincing emails.
It develops both language skills and confidence, as providing invaluable reference material.
•Systematic and structured approach to writing
The language practice covers a wide range of topics and provides a great variety of focused exercise types.
•Large number of awareness activities about style
Students deal with both formal and informal and learn to switch appropriately between the two mediums.
•Phrase Bank
Consists of a list of phrases organized functionally, witch students can refer to and copy from in order to construct more effective emails, whether in class or at work.
•Designed for self-study and classroom use
All exercises can be used by students working alone and in class.
•Free writing practice worksheets on www.macmillanenglish.com/business
Tasks for teachers to use in class to support the exercises in the book.

In Company Elementary
•Who are you?
•I'm on the train
•Daily routine
•Eating out 6. Conference centres
•Sell yourself
•Crime and coffee
• A good day? 10. Hotels
• Carry-on travel 12. The weather

• Getting there
• Trends
• The journey from hell
• Throwing a sickie
• Changing times
• It won't work!
• Who's calling?
•Business e-mails

In Company is a skills-based business English series aimed at professional, about learners who are seeking to realize their full potential as self-reliant speakers of English in both professional and social situations.

In Company Pre-Intermediate
•Selling your company
•Women in business
•Telephone talk
•Networking•Company histories
•Making comparisons
•Did I ever tell you…?
•Spirit of enterprise
•Stressed to the limit
•Top jobs
•Conversation gambits
•Air travel 14. Hiring and firing
• Time 16. Getting things done
• Office gossip 18. E-commerce
•Working from home 20. Working lunch

Student's Book
The Student's Book contains between 18 and 20 self-contained units organized into business-focused categories. Each one also contains a self-study section with grammar work and additional lexis, and tape scripts with highlighted target language.

Teacher's Book
The Teacher's Book provides a further 20 hours of teaching notes and interleaved pages from the Student's Book with overprinted answer keys.

Class Audio Cassettes / Class Audio CDs
The audio component features selection of native and non-native speaker accents to reflect the variety of accents learners will come across in the international business arena.

In Company Intermediate
•International English
•Making contacts
•Making calls
•Keeping track
•Speed of life
•Business travel
•Handing calls
•Making decisions
• Big business
•Small talk
•Being heard
•Snail mail
•Solving problems
•Global village
•Eating out

This site is terrific. It is the resource site I use the most! I usually prefer to create my own teaching materials, but with you site I can ease my workload a bit and still feel like I'm offering great quality stuff to my students. Thanks!

Cindy Hauert

In Company upper Intermediate
• Business or pleasure?
•Material world
•Voice and visuals
•Problems on the phone
•Leading meetings
•Information age
•Promoting your ideas
•Taking decisions
• Branded planet
•Marketing an impact
•Out and about
•Big ideas
•Negotiating deals
•Shaping the future

These books are a real breath of fresh air. The In Company series has given a colorful approach to the usual necessary business topics which makes it easier and more interesting for the learner.

English Teaching Matters
April 2005

Business Grammar Builder

Business Grammar Builder is a grammar and reference book for professional adults who need to maintain and practice their English in a business context. It can be used in the classroom and for self-study.

Key Features
Contains 50 grammar units covering the most important structures and functions in Business English.
All grammar exercises are supported by authentic business sources such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal/ and CNN.
The exercises develop through low-context exercises such as gap fills and matching exercises to high-context exercises to practice such as telephoning and writing company reports.
Sixteen test provide though revision of all the grammar areas covered in the book.
The exercises give excellent preparation for BEC Vantage. TOEIC and IELTS level 4.5-5.5. Selected conversations and articles are recorded on the Audio CD for listening practice.
Comprehensive appendices include complete lists of irregular vebs and regular verb forms, spelling tips, a guide to key grammar terms, and a guide to differences between British and American English.

New Education Basic Survival
•On board
•In-flight meals
•Landing card
•Welcome to the U.S.A
•Baggage in hall
•A ride downtown
•Hotel check-in
•An appointment
•Breakfast buffet
•Hotel reception
•City guide
•Concierge desk
•Wrong number
•A taxi ride
•Fast food
•Gift store
•Small talk
•Your company
•Lunch •Dealing with problems
•Meeting people
•About yourself
•Phone systems
•Polite inquiries
•Directory assistance
•Attractions •Suggestions
•The menu
•At the table
•Sales talk
•Let's make a deal
•At the airport
•Checking out
•Your cabin
•Making friends
•Good news

International Communication for Professional People
The Survival series is for professional adults who need English for work and travel.
Each one-page lesson depicts an authentic situation that learners might checking into a hotel/airport etc.

The Audio CD in the Student's Book gives learners the opportunity to prepare for or follow up from a lesson.
Bilingual Wordlists to accompany the course are available on www.macmillanenglish.com/business
Communication activities provide practical tasks which are directly transferable to the professional world.
Cultural Files build on the cultural topic and language from each lesson.

New Education Survival English
•What do you do?
•The convenience store
•Check-in at a hotel
•Hotel information
•Meeting people
•Starting conversation
•A restaurant meal
•Fight UA755
•Traveling companions
•In flight
•At the Devereux's
•A trip to the mall
•Hotel lobby
•Fitness center
•Business events
•Small talk
•Local specialties
•On the phone
•On the net
•Airport arrivals
•Lost baggage
•Asking for directions
•Time zones
•Breakfast in America
•Making conversation
•Describing people
•Describing things
•Talking about your job
•Talking about vacations
•Medical problem
•Hotel problems
•Somewhere to go
•Car rental

Student's Book
The Student's Book covers seven key topic areas: Business, Socializing, Communications, Travel, Hotels, Money, and Food and Drink.

Practice Book
The Practice Book revises and extends the material in the Student's Book and provides additional topic-based activities.

Teacher's Guide
In addition to teaching notes and answer keys, the Teacher's Guide includes photocopiable mid-course and end-course tests with answer keys.

IELTS Foundation
•Studying abroad
•Earth today
•Out of this world
•All in the mind
•A career or a job
•Crime and punishment
•What's the alternative
•Gadgets and gizmos
•The future of computing
•The art of advertising
•IELTS preparation

There's no substitute for experience
IELTS Foundation has been written by teachers who have spent many classroom hours teaching low-level IELTS students. It provides a comprehensive package of material to meet the needs of students training towards the IELTS band 4-5.5. You can be confident that the course offers accessible, motivating classroom-tested material that your students will enjoy learning from, plus a tired and tested approach to exam training.

Student's Book
Twelve units that cover a wide range of strategies and skills needed to succeed in the IELT test.
Strategy and Tip boxes that offer suggestions for tacking IELTS tasks.
Exam Information boxes to provide detailed on what to expect in each section of the exam.
Study Skills section at the end of each unit for advice on independent studying.

Teacher's Book
Complete answer key and tape scripts.
Suggestions on how to use the material in class.
Sample answers for writing tasks.
Photocopiable class and study tasks.
Advice on coping with the exam.



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